4 Tips on How to Choose a Roommate

Choosing a Roommate in Charlotte, NC
4 Tips On How To Choose A Roommate

Getting a roommate in Charlotte, NC

Roommates are great. Some of them will help you clean the place up, some will take charge of the kitchen, and some might even redecorate the place in a way that suits both of you. But, some might not.

So what are the keys to finding a roommate whose presence won’t lead to a crappy situation – from bringing strangers home day in and day out, to being a slob, a deadbeat, or worse?


  1. Look long, look hard.

You could post requests on a bulletin board, collect emails and send out questionnaires – or hit the Internet, and find your living partner online. It’s generally a good idea to do a bit of screening before making a choice – schedule a meeting, find out what your potential roommate is like and whether or not you’ll like them.

There are a lot of options out there on where to find yourself a roommate. Even if you’re considering posting to every bulletin board in Charlotte, it’s still a good idea to look around online – websites like Craigslist are obvious, but Craigslist can be a dangerous place to pick people up. There are other sites specifically catered to finding roommates, though you’ll have to look for sites decidedly oriented towards your specific area. Smartphone apps like Roommates, Roomster and Roomsurf help you get the job done as well.


  1. Discuss boundaries.

While living together means, well, living together, that doesn’t mean you and your roommate will have to be constant parts of each other’s lives. It’s a good idea to designate a communal space in your apartment or house, and then designate a room for each as a restricted, personal area. That way, privacy can be ensured.

Other things to be discussed is what kind of food you two are comfortable with having cooked, how much alcohol you’ll allow at home, how loud the music can be, cleaning schedules, laundry days, etc.


  1. Make sure your place is ready for a roomie.

This means getting room separators, putting schedules up on the fridge, maybe even getting locks on the bedroom door if you’re up for it.

There are a lot of interior design tips online that’ll let you jazz up your living space for a potential roommate, on the cheap, in ingenious ways. Getting a roommate isn’t about extra expenses, but it doesn’t have to be a cramped experience either. So, before you settle on a new living partner, make sure you’ve got the space for one.


  1. Cost is important.

Living with a roommate means sharing responsibility, and responsibility is something that shouldn’t ever be left in the world of vagueness. Before you settle on a roommate, make sure the two of you are completely clear on how costs should be shared at home. Everything from rent and utilities to food and laundry fees – having unclear rules about how costs are split will lead to a list of issues in the future.

But in the end, more important than cost is making sure you find someone you can get along with. After all, you’ll be seeing them around a lot.

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